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Rodney Curtis has worked in a dozen newsrooms in Michigan and the East Coast during his 30-year career. A photographer and photo editor by training, Rodney also counts being an author, blogger and college professor among his many talents. Rodney brags a lot too, but does so under a third-person guise, so it’s okay.

His career has taken him to New Hampshire covering presidential primaries, the former Soviet Union, Haiti, all across Europe and through the mean streets and back-alleys of Troy, Michigan, his hometown. He was twice named Photo Editor of the Year and has won numerous photography, writing and editing/design awards.

Rodney has been lucky enough to have three books published, including:            A “cute” Leukemia — a book of funny and heartfelt essays about him dealing with cancer and a transplant. He also wrote Getting Laid (off) about losing three jobs in one year. Spiritual Wanderer, his first book, has been described as Dave Barry meets David Sedaris.

He has taught several journalism courses at Michigan State University. And every fall he teaches at the prestigious Mountain Workshops, where he helps students photograph and edit a book about a different small Kentucky town in less than a week.

Rodney is married to photographer Marci Curtis who is, most notably, the author of three children’s books with more than two million copies in print.

You can visit Rodney most anytime here or at SpiritualWanderer.com

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Here are just some of the places I’ve worked or freelanced for.

Here are just some of the places I've worked or freelanced for.