My daughter got married in a Scottish castle. I know, right?! Those words are still kind of hard to comprehend. We had a once-in-a-lifetime week’s-stay at Winton Castle, thanks to Sir Francis Ogilvy, his incredible family and unbelievably kind & gracious staff. But it never would’ve happened without our new in-laws, The Gardiner Family. I have shared fun photos of the event elsewhere on social media. But here are some of my other favorite photos from our epic 2½ week journey.

On one of our last nights in Scotland, I managed to stick my iPhone a few inches out of my hotel window and snap this dramatic picture of the sun setting over Inverness, reflected in the hotel window.

LEFT: The Scots are such friendly folk, and hilarious, too! RIGHT: Some guy named William Wallace asked if I’d help defend Scotland as I strolled The Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Sure, and since the posing fees benefited leukemia research, I was definitely ready to brandish a sword. Alba gu bràth! photo by Marci Curtis

It was a beautiful, easy hike down to Bow Fiddle Rock on the North Sea. Though from this angle, it looks a little more like an elephant than a fiddle’s bow.

Eilean Donan, my wife, daughters and granddaughter’s ancestral castle sits near the Isle of Skye. But this wasn’t the castle we were staying in…

…THIS is the castle we stayed in — Winton Castle — in East Lothian, south of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Bride Skye and my wife, Marci, pose in the sun’s last gleaming, at 9:45 pm, because Edinburgh is so far north.

Because I saw a pretty door and roses, Marci and Avery posed with ‘em. That’s what happens when you’re on vacation with photographers! And then Avery flies over the North Sea with the help of her mommy.

The staff at Winton Castle put on an afternoon of Highland Games for us. Here’s my team giving it our all (even though there was some skulduggery afoot on the other side). photo by Marci Curtis

During the Highland Games on the Winton Castle grounds — my daughter, the bride — gets some help posing with the caber toss log from my cousins.

My son-in-law and daughter take a break during the fun Highland games.

My son-in-laws greet each other as my brother and granddaughter share a funny moment.

During the wedding, my daughter and son-in-law dance the traditional Scottish ceilidh, (pronounced KAY-lee).

Many of the female guests wore fun “fascinators” to my daughter’s wedding.

Some silly Wanderer messed around with the castle’s night lighting after formally posing with all of the folks who donned a Macrae tartan, in honor of the bride and groom. photos by Marci Curtis

One of my favorite things about staying in Winton Castle for a week were the fun stairways we took to get to our quarters.

As we leave Winton Castle, Douglas and Seumas lower the Gardiner Macrae flag that our in-laws had specially made for the wedding week…

… and re-hoist the Scottish Flag high above East Lothian, Scotland.

Picturesque Portree Harbor awaits nightfall on the Isle of Skye.

My son-in-law lifts my granddaughter up to spy on us in a Leith (suburb of Edinburgh) pub.

An iconic Highland Cow ambles up to the fence as if just begging for a portrait as we drive off the Isle of Skye.

Okay, since asked, I guess I’m legally required to share a better view of the outfits I wore for my daughter’s wedding week in Scotland. On the left is my Highland Games outfit. On the right is my formal wear, with the thrift store jacket my wife found for $2.50. photo by Marci Curtis