NPR: Here is the Michigan Radio Living with Cancer piece. I talk in Part Three: Do Something About It. You can tell it’s me because I’m talking about pee-pee. That’s all I can “leak” for now.

My web chat with the Poynter Institute about Getting Laid (off). 

"Newsboy" by Lewis Hine, circa 1910

“Newsboy” by Lewis Hine, circa 1910

Deadline Detroit’s fun piece about Getting Laid (off). 

Every fall I teach at the Mountain Workshops, sponsored by Western Kentucky University. Here’s what they say about me.

Here’s the Gannett Blog take on Spiritual Wanderer and Getting Laid (off). 

A fun Spiritual Book Club piece about me.

Corp! Magazine did a nice little write up about me. 

Front Edge Publishing and Ben Pratt wrote a great piece about Hope’s Diamond.

The cool Daily News article about A “cute” Leukemia. 

The National Press Photographer’s Association wrote about my first book, Spiritual Wanderer.

Romenesko had a great story about Getting Laid (off). 

The tremendous article about all my books by David Crumm at Front Edge Publishing. 

Oh, here’s my Amazon Author’s Page.

Rodney In The News
 Believe it or not, people have actually written about Rodney Curtis. Here are some of the places where they’ve said nice things about him.