I’m not one to bash Michigan companies. Lord knows our business climate isn’t what we’d call robust these days. But just now, I was horrified and shocked out of my summer haze with an ad from ArtVan Furniture for Back-To-School savings. Somebody call the FTC.

While people are still blowing up the nighttime sky with until-this-year illegal fireworks, I think there should be a moratorium on businesses trying to make money off scaring us consumers about school.

The earliest we should be thinking about fall is when the Lions start Training Camp. That’s about two weeks from today and even then — when it’s still July — Back-To-School will be more than a month away. Is it just me, or should there be some sort of law against bringing up the fall, while the temperatures are soaring around 100 degrees?

Even my tomatoes are still small and green and vine-bound. We haven’t even celebrated Christmas in July yet. The Summer Olympics torch is still somewhere out on the Channel Islands.

It reminds me of that old TV show, Homefront. It was about our country just after WW II. The characters were walking through a department store, sometime around December 15th, and they said, “Can you believe this? They already have their Christmas decorations up!”

I wouldn’t be surprised if our local mall already has their Easter decorations up. Snow shovels are due in August.

We need to rally against this atrocity. Can we get a ballot amendment to vote this ad off the airwaves? I’ll bet Republicans and Democrats can agree that summer shouldn’t end until we say it ends. I’m sure the Coppertone people would sign on.

Granted, maybe I’m mad because autumn means my oldest daughter sails off to college four states away and our nest gets emptier.

Nah, couldn’t be.