I was the one who first publicized St. Petersburg’s Church By The Sea as looking like a chicken. Now if you search “Florida Chicken Church” it will pop up internationally. (photo copyright Rodney Curtis/Rodney Curtis.com)

After writing this and posting it on social media, news outlets across the country featured the story. 

I begged my cousin to turn the rental car around and drive back a block or two. Maybe my eyes were playing chicks on me, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d just seen a vision. The whole front of the church in Madeira Beach, Florida, steeple and all, seemed to be an enormous chicken.

As Chris, my cousin, turned the car around, he shook his head with a curious smile.

My cousin Keith, in back, had no idea what I was talking about either. I wasn’t sure myself. But yes, there in front of us was a funky chicken, hovering over the Church By The Sea as though it were roosting as pretty as you please.

Except my traveling companions didn’t see it. I burst out laughing and flew out of the car with my camera while they sat there staring, wondering what the heck was wrong with their crazy cuz.

I snapped a couple shots with my iPhone and my camera, then when I walked back to get a different angle, I handed the phone to them through the window. They were still concentrating on the impressive Jesus on his crucifix, hanging on the side of the building. They were wondering why I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

About five seconds later I heard a loud, “NOOO WAAAY!” from the car as they looked at my phone.

Driving away, I felt vindicated. Chris told me, “You see things so creatively.” But honestly, it was staring right at me, a poulet surprise.

FROM THE HUFFINGTON POST: “The “Chicken Church” — also known as Church by the Sea in Madeira Beach and not to be confused with Church’s Chicken — went viral when a photographer noticed that, from just the right angle, the structure’s round windows look like eyes and its roofing tiles resemble wings and a beak. Tourists, reportedly by the hundreds, now line up to take pictures of the visage.”