FACT: This video of Scott and I boxing was shot nine years, a couple houses and several jobs ago.

FACT: Just this past fall, I received a bone marrow transplant from my brother Scott.

As my daughter Taylor and I were looking at old family movies for a video she was putting together for her sister Skye’s birthday, we stumbled across this 30 second clip. Our jaws dropped — really, physically dropped as we stared at each other in a stunned stupor. Everyone else in our extended family had the same reaction to Marci’s seemingly innocuous commentary while taping us whapping each other. Back then there wasn’t even a hint of my leukemia or health issues to come in eight and a half years.

I don’t believe coincidences are merely random events in our lives, but occurrences that point to some higher, subtle interconnectedness between all of us. I keep a Connection Collection icon on my desktop and update it regularly with amazing and simple events that happen to and around me. This is my latest entry.