There’s a buzz in the house this morning, an energy. Maybe it’s the early morning caffeine my sweet wife and I snuck out for. Along the way, we picked up some plants from the megastore and came home to whispers and barking and in-laws and scurrying. I’ll take Graduation Day a thousand times over two years ago.

Two calendar years have flipped, exactly 731 days (counting Leap Day) have roared by since the moment the doctor told me 40% of my body was infested. That was a crappy day. Today is preparation, plans, planting, pictures … perfect. You’ll allow me the silly alliteration. I’m a bit giddy.

This month has sucked, in recent history. Three Junes ago I was forced out of my profession due to shrinking revenues, yet later on, my company’s CEO was paid 37 million to walk away. Then came leukemia, then last year my heart swelled to enormous proportions, thanks to a liter or two of extra fluid, heart juice.

Today my heart swells with pride. No trip to the ICU needed for that. Hugs heal.

I love all the whirl around me now. Girls have a way of preparing that boys have never known. Shower, shave, maybe deodorant and we’re good. It’s a different world for girls on a normal day. Big, special, grand days like this are something altogether different. I don’t even know how it’s relevant, but last night at midnight, my youngest was trying on my wife’s wedding dress.

We can all feel it. Change and new adventure have sent us engraved invitations. Something has clicked for the entire family and it’s palpable. Even though my daughter is walking across the dais, in some ways we’re all graduating.

Look out, this family just might have finally conquered June.