The early reviews are in!

So far, Hope’s Diamond is a hit.



Detroit is a town in need of Hope, and in Rodney Curtis’ world, Hope comes in the form of Baseball. If you love Detroit, Baseball and Hope, you will enjoy this delightful little book.

Play Ball!



Hope’s Diamond is a grand slam. I’m serious.  

And this is a kairos moment: in rhetoric this means that if any discourse involves an opportune time, then — chances are — the discourse is important, worthwhile, and serving a great purpose.  

This novel serves multiple purposes: it empowers the spirit of Detroit; it’s thoughtful and wise in surprisingly engaging ways; and it’s playfully funny.

I love Hope, all the characters, all the pieces you weave together.  I’ve not read anything like this, and neither has anyone else.

This could be — and should be — a publishing hit.  A phenom, much like Hope himself.  



Hope’s Diamond is a very moving and inspiring story that resonates with readers.



The Detroit Bengals are a hopeless baseball club. That is, until a mysterious stranger strolls in and transforms the pathetic team into a pennant-winner. The clever plot plays fast and loose with plausibility but hey, it’s fiction! And funny. And outrageous.

The story revolves around the hopeless Bengals and their hopeless home city, which is struggling to recover from its rust-belt economic crash. Like the Bengals, it desperately needs a few wins. As you’ll see, Detroit gets moving on its resurrection with significant help from its team.

Nit-pickers might complain that some parts of the story are too autobiographical and long, and there a few cheap puns in the mix. But these are trivial shortcomings. Overall, this story achieves the impossible: the Bengals win a pennant!

Now, THAT’S a fantastical hope!


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