The first time we came to London in Spring, there was snow on the ground. Now, Marci can work on her tan in March.

Sun, sand, beach weather and margaritas. That’s Spring Break; that’s what you think of (besides drunken college kids in Mexico). Generally though, London doesn’t rise to the top of the sunburn and sunscreen list. Enter Global Warming, however, and you have wonderful weather in one of the world’s greatest cities. Consequences be damned!

My lovely wife, catching some rays on the balcony of our 10th floor apartment, reports, “My cheeks are actually pink.”

My daughter Taylor was seemingly the only smart one in our group; she brought shorts.

The Daily Mail reports “It’s been the warmest spring since records began in 1659,” and that was LAST year! I had a conversation with a bobby this evening and he said we’re living in drought conditions, technically. When I said global climate change is doing us all in, he responded, “Well, it’s debatable — climate change, init?”

No it ‘init.’

A panel of Nobel Prize-winning scientists just issued a report saying no corner of the world is safe. In the immortal words of The Clash in London Calling, “The ice age is coming, the sun’s zooming in.”

It’s hard to believe there are still supposedly rational people out there who pretend humankind doesn’t have any effect on the weather. They think it’s just a lot of hot air.

At least in this case, they’re right about it being hot air.

Then a sigh escapes my wife as she sits next to me after a long day of traipsing about the city. Colder temperatures and rain are forecast for the rest of our stay here.

I guess it’s hypocritical getting upset about the heat, then complaining when you have to walk around in the rain and cold.