Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I mind watching women in bikinis rolling around in the sand. But it seems as though there’s so much more to see during these Olympics. Yes, I realize this is the XXX Olympiad, but that’s probably not why we’re tuning in.

I wish they would have broadcast those badminton players throwing their matches or the high drama of that fencer who refused to leave the fencing … stage? floor? runway? Maybe if they showed more of the obscure sports, I’d know how to sound erudite when I speak of such things.

We got to watch about four seconds of white water kayaking and that was pretty cool. When it comes to boating events, I loved the sheer power and even the name of the sculling competition, until I saw the bicyclists lazily pedaling along the river banks in perfect unison with the rowers.

In the early hours of the 2012 games there was a ping pong sneak peek, during the day, probably on Canadian TV. It looked like the guys were sometimes letting the ball bounce off their heads while serving. But again, without Bob Costas or Ryan Seacrest explaining it to us, how were we to know?

Apparently they play rugby, which has gotta be more interesting than soccer. Show a little of that. And shooting guns — which I think is the only sport done in both summer and winter games — would be sort of fun to view for a few.

Did you know there are four different cycling events including BMX, velodrome, road and mountain biking? Even handball would hold my interest through one or two commercial breaks.

Now, Olympic sailing or equestrian events don’t thrill me, per say, but I’d at least like to see five minutes of it and judge for myself. Golf though, (yes, it’s really an Olympic sport), can stay off the airwaves.

Look, I’m not a curmudgeon — yet (get back to me when I turn 50). I’m thrilled by Gabby’s story and success; Phelps winning a zillion medals is cool and that South African dude who runs without legs is awesome. I just wish the network would concentrate a bit less on all the high-glitz sports.

I’ll bet if they combined some of the events, NBC would pay a little more prime time attention. Sadly, Beach Fencing, Archery vs. Judo or Greco-Roman Equestrian Wrestling probably won’t happen in my lifetime. Although that, most certainly, would be Must See TV.

And for 2016, The Hunger Games!