I look at you there, decimated, crusts hanging akimbo. My first solid meal in three days. You were a hero to me and I returned the favor by savagely tearing you apart in a way most maniacal.

Like classic theatrical masks, half of you smiles at me, the other frowns. Comedy within the tragedy.

While life for you ends, you bring new hope and life to my digestive tract, ravaged by fluids so vile we daren’t speak their name. Soft ice cream preceded you, mayhaps Pei Wei will follow.

Ahh, but I cheapen your departure with disrespect. Your taste lingers. Your effect courses through me. The power of your simple concoction thrills me like no sandwich has ever before.

Know this sir, know this as surely as you course through me; you were a friend. And I bow to you even now as your crust and crumbs become one inside me.

Contentment spreads from your essence. Happiness flows from you. Energy, strength and a true willingness to continue are your legacy.