I’ve been struck, lately, by some beautiful nature I’ve encountered nearby. I generally have my phone, if not my camera, with me. I’m just updating this with more pictures (and video) as they show up in front of me on Troy Trails, my home and elsewhere around town.

The sun sets behind our Wisteria leaves on the longest day of the year. #summersolstice2023

I captured two very different views of a pretty pond near my home, just weeks apart.

A Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly flew around me on my morning walk, obviously looking for the most picturesque place to alight.


A toad kept staring at me from the basement window well as I was attempting to work out on the elliptical. I asked if it wanted to be released and it allowed me to get so close I couldn’t focus on it’s snout. Here’s a frame, before I gathered it up, made it promise to wear a mask, and released it outside.

I happened upon this snapping turtle which was as big as my shirt was round. (No, I didn’t try to clothe the turtle!)

Looked out the window and saw a stray dog just now …
Wait …
#TroyCoyote #SuburbanCoyote

The dragonfly was right on the screen, a few feet away from me. And it posed long enough for me to walk outside and take a top shot.

When I was golfing, I glanced up at the majestic clouds and snapped just one photo before beating the rain to the ninth hole.

I saw this egret on Troy Trails, the nature trail I get to walk most every day. 

This leaf seemed to carry an ancient glyph, buried in its DNA.