I’ve been struck, lately, by some beautiful nature I’ve encountered nearby. I generally have my phone, if not my camera, with me. I’m just updating this with more pictures (and video) as they show up in front of me.


A toad kept staring at me from the basement window well as I was attempting to work out on the elliptical. I asked if it wanted to be released and it allowed me to get so close I couldn’t focus on it’s snout. Here’s a frame, before I gathered it up, made it promise to wear a mask, and released it outside.

I happened upon this snapping turtle which was as big as my shirt was round. (No, I didn’t try to clothe the turtle!)

Looked out the window and saw a stray dog just now …
Wait …
#TroyCoyote #SuburbanCoyote

I captured two very different views of a pretty pond near my home, just weeks apart.

The dragonfly was right on the screen, a few feet away from me. And it posed long enough for me to walk outside and take a top shot.

When I was golfing, I glanced up at the majestic clouds and snapped just one photo before beating the rain to the ninth hole.

I saw this egret on Troy Trails, the nature trail I get to walk most every day. 

This leaf seemed to carry an ancient glyph, buried in its DNA.