Marriage — somewhere between Mars and Marrakesh.     Photos by Wikimedia Commons.

In an old World Book Encyclopedia that was copyrighted the year Chris was born, I found — sandwiched between Marrakesh and Mars — a 1960’s definition of marriage.

And although there were some wacky ideas like: “People everywhere feel that marriage is necessary to protect women and children.” An unfortunate reference which almost calls to mind the Titanic in my estimation.

Or: “A person may marry for many reasons, including social position.” Which makes me wonder which one of you is trying to climb higher?

Becky …?


There was also some wise and sage advice like, “A common requirement is that both parties freely consent to the marriage.” Is there anything either of you would like to interject here? No, you’re cool? Okay.

To me, the most important bit of arcane wisdom was a thought-provoking phrase that said, “Every known society has prescribed marriage as the normal and accepted way of expressing love.” Every known society!

Becky and Chris, you two are participating in one of the greatest stories ever written. By inviting us all here today, you are openly and freely expressing your love. You are adding your words, your sentences, your paragraphs and chapters to an ongoing celebration of humanity and what humanity can do when it meets its greatest potential.

Together, the forces that you’ve found between one and other are in the same breath, new and exciting — yet ancient and natural. Together, you two are tapping into an enormous, wonderful, very mysterious energy that, with all certainty, defies 1960’s definitions. This force was set into motion, the moment Becky asked a friend, “Hey, can you introduce me to someone who rocks?”

You’ve probably already started solving some of the mysteries and creating new ones. You’re already finding your own place sandwiched between Mars and Marrakech. But whichever metaphoric mystery you may be mulling over, we all here today raise our glasses in honor of you.

To Becky and Chris. Two wonderful, warm, wacky, word people who have found one of the greatest wonders in the world . . . each other.