Back when I was mostly just a photographer, I always felt weird telling people, “but I’m a writer too.” Lately, I’ve gotten a weird tickle in my tummy when I tell folks, “but I’m a photographer too.”

I guess we live by labels; they help organize our thoughts, categorizing people into understandable cubbyholes. “That’s my friend, the scullery maid,” or “Look out for ________; he’s one of those Snollygosters.”

Roles change, thank goodness. The hats I wear not only cover up my bald head, but also allow me a more amorphous path as I skip through life. Sometimes, I refer to myself by that old standby, “journalist.” Sometimes I call myself a “recovering journalist.” I like, though, my Twitter handle: “Fellow Wanderer, Father, Friend, Professor, Photographer, Videographer, Author, Humorist.”

This weekend, playing the role of wedding photographer, I shot a wonderful couple’s ceremony and reception. Meghan and Johnathon found me while searching the web way down deep in the heart of Texas. The gorgeous Saints Peter and Paul Jesuit Church in Detroit hosted their wedding and the swank Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle was reserved for their reception.

They were a particularly fun, photogenic couple who attracted equally fun and photogenic friends and family. It was great hanging out with them. I had a blast, no snollygosting about it!