For a professional photographer, having a granddaughter is like a chef discovering an all-new ingredient.

My baby daughter delivered a baby daughter, who immediately became my favorite person to read to, photograph and love. I’ve been updating this page every week or two, whenever a new, fun, cute, cool photo pops onto my pixels.

Lathered up in triple-protection sunscreen, Avery crawls along the water’s edge.

Who wore it better?
(Don’t answer; we know who!)

Whenever Marci or Avery were missing from our cottage rental, we’d always find one strapped to the other out in Lake Michigan.

Sometimes you’re just lying on the floor with your iPhone trying to make your grandbaby laugh.

Sunday Funday

Taylor feeds Avery in her old bedroom.

A great baby and a great grandma

Three generations of fun, fantastic females

WoW MoM left her Mother’s Day card on the dashboard as we visited Avery and Taylor on their first Mom’s day.

My baby kisses her new baby.

Say hello to my little friend!

Just days before she gives birth, our daughter poses with her belly in our home studio.

My daughter’s belly grows bigger and bigger every several weeks until . . .

Getting to know each other during the first few hours home.

Sleepy selfie with my grand baby

Rex hovers over Avery during a baby-in-the-basket shoot.

Rex is a very good boy.

Taylor’s and Avery’s slippers

Teaching my grand daughter the love of reading. Photo by

Daddy/daughter naps

A sleepy Valentine

All this posing can sure wear a little girl out!