The wedding of Jen Anesi and Dave Roby at the Michigan Renaissance Festival copyright Rodney Curtis

Here are some great reviews I’ve recently received for my photography:

“We got the DVD with the pictures in the mail, and they are absolutely perfect! We are so thrilled with them and the job you did 🙂  We can’t thank you enough for the pictures, and for helping to make our Detroit wedding such a success!” — Meghan

“We want to thank you for the amazing photos from our wedding in Detroit. They are so beautiful. We love how you caught the beauty and spirit of the day. We love to go through the photos and remember so many fantastic moments of the day. We are very grateful that you were part of it all!”  Becca and TJ

“Mike and I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude! We loved everything about the way you work! Especially your “out of the way” style while not missing a moment. Thank you for keeping the mood light and most of all, thank you for the beautiful photos!” — Katy

“Dear Rodney, Thank you for being such a fun part of our day! We love the pictures. You did a great job with everything. A thousand times — thank you!” — Megan and Lito

“We all love the photos so much! They look fantastic.” — Rachel 

 “I wanted to let you know that the photos from the wedding are exactly what I had hoped for. I realized, as we looked through the images, how little of the event we actually saw. But thanks to your photos, we were able to sample many wonderful moments that we had missed — as well as the key moments that we want to remember forever. You worked your tail off that day.

We’re deeply moved and tremendously grateful for what you put into the work, Rodney. I hope you can understand how much we will get out of it.

Again, I offer the highest recommendation for your services — and I continue to hear kudos from people who’ve seen the images you posted online. I hope you have all the business & twice the happiness you can handle.

Many thanks!” — DP