I got to attend my nephew’s wedding along the Northern California coast over the weekend, but they didn’t have an official photographer. So Uncle Rodney kinda/sorta took over using his trusty ol’ iPhone. What a fun time! Navarro River and Mendocino were almost as charming as the couple themselves.

Elizabeth and Lawren are a very playful couple.

Smoochin’ on some driftwood.

Their sons led the bride and her father with bubbles and a Ninja Turtle bucket of flowers.

Dad walking daughter down the “aisle.”

Fog rolls in during the beach ceremony.

Is it possible these guys are related?

Running toward the water.

A quiet stroll between wedding and reception.

Hanging on the beach.

Prom pose.

The best man cracks up.

Going back up the hill to the reception.

The scene from high above.