Political pics, travel snapshots, school photos, sports, wedding and workshop photography highlighted my year in pictures. Here’s a sample of my favorite images from 2016.

Secretary Hillary Clinton waves to a Detroit crowd just days before her stunning loss.

At first, Fernanda Melgar wasn’t too sure about getting her teeth cleaned, but the Morse Elementary kindergartner happily picked out a toothbrush and a sticker afterward.

The band marches into the stadium under a colorful fall sky as Homecoming 2016 kicks off at Troy High.

Athens players watch and wait while their team goes through a third shoot-out in less than a week.

The Athens sidelines erupts the moment their team won the shoot-out, sending them to the state finals.

Crooning “Viva Panama,” a banjo player seeks shade in the stiffling January heat in Casco Viejo, Panama’s old city.

Aaron and Jennifer Cox’s flower girl tries to fill the bride’s shoes.

Like a character in a Christmas television show, 8th-grader Ben Dalian uses his height to help deck the halls at Smith Middle School before the holiday dance. 

Barnard Elementary School principal Melanie Morey gets duct taped to the wall as a reward for her students raising over $20,000.

A reflective walk on a July 3rd evening in Michigan’s northern forest.

Normally top dog on the beach — in his own feeble brain — Bernie, right, met his match in new dog Diesel.

A dog on a horse on a man on a farm in Detroit.

When a curious baby was carried past my three-flash set up, I got a great grab shot on the fly. Moments later, I snapped a reluctant participant on the other end of the age spectrum as he got wigged out.

The Athens High senior powder puff football team beat the juniors handily during their annual game.

Wass Elementary students sprint toward the start/end line of their outdoor track during a Tuesday morning Early Bird Trot.

The Detroit Lions have come from behind seemingly in every game they’ve won this season, causing extreme reaction amongst fans.

Givon Cinque lines up a target with perfect form during a dodgeball tournament for charity at Troy High.

Part of the proceeds from a dodgeball fundraiser went to Troy High teacher Theresa Martin, center, who went through a range of emotions afterwards.

Hamilton Elementary second-grader Addie Gaydash watches the caramel and chocolates being made at the Morley Candy Company in Clinton Twp., Michigan.

Hamilton Elementary first-graders commandeer a tractor made from hay bales during a field trip to Blake’s Orchard in Armada.

THEN & NOW: My daughter Skye is shown in this composite photo on her first day visiting her new college and on graduation day four years later.

Larson Middle School band director Scott Crecelius entered the gym with a flourish (and cape & mask) as his students played the theme to Phantom of the Opera.

A packed booth at Leo’s Coney Island.

Lisa Richardson flashes her jazz hands just before her wedding.

Late evening light streams into the wedding reception on a boat plying the waters of the Detroit River.

Erin Heinlein poses for a senior photo, taken with her cello.

A honeymooning couple in Panama were at first amused, then a bit irritated by me taking a snapshot of their unique reading arrangement.

Steven Forman, Division I #1 singles state tennis champion.

No, 3rd-grader Aidan Mitchell wasn’t injured, he was just tired and decided to lay down on the gym floor in the middle of the game.

A gentleman who went only by “Paul” paused to let me snap his photo while I took a break from teaching at The Mountain Workshops. Later, photo editing student Eslah Attar made the “mistake” of taking a nap in a conspicuous place in the midst of our 16-hour day during the workshops.