On a lovely spring afternoon in California, Keith and Judy Turner tied the knot.

During a winery tour before their wedding day, Judy and Keith pause for a pose.

Judy smiles and bows during rehearsal.

Keith can’t contain his enthusiasm for the upcoming nuptials!

A virtual recording of the real-life rehearsal.

Judy’s bear/bare dress on wedding day

Professional singer and professional niece Coral warms up before the service.

Wonder Woman Winter, flower girl, leads the couple into the winery beforehand.

Keith playfully peeks at his bride, pretending he shouldn’t see her on the wedding day.

Grandchildren and friends lead the processional.

Judy walks down the grassy aisle.

On a breezy afternoon, Judy attempts to keep her hair in check and out of her face.

They’re married!

Enticing cupcakes caught Winter’s attention.

The lovely couple pause at sunset.

The sun sets on their first day as a married couple.