My favorite photos from 2021

My baby kisses her baby. This is my favorite snap of the year.

Kelly and Colin share a fun outdoor pose after their wedding at Troy Historic Village.

My daughter married the love of her life and was so happy, she exclaimed it atop her cake!

Matt bends Hazel back for a dramatic kiss outside the Iroqouis Club after their extremely Covid-safe wedding.

Say hello to my little friend!

Kelly smiles at DUNCE Colin at Troy Historic Village.

Kelly and Colin share a smooch under the watchful eyes of our country’s founder at Troy Historic Village.

Whenever we couldn’t find my wife during our Lake Michigan vacation, we knew she’d’ve stolen the baby and gone out water-walking.

On the last day of summer, Marci and I splashed around in her favorite local lake.

Dana and Jake were great fun to hang out with during their engagement shoot.

Dana strikes a fun meditative pose during her engagement shoot.

Hazel playfully yells as she’s cinched into her gown.

Rex is a very good boy, guarding his new baby sister.

Before James married my daughter, he actually pressed his hankie with a hot iron. Before Bryan married my other daughter, he mimicked the photo for fun.

My daughter Skye walks down the stairs, ready to marry her beau.

My playful son-in-law, Bryan, takes center stage in the family photo.

The youngest member in a family photo also playfully takes center stage.

Avery loves her Auntie Skye, who came to visit and help out.

Who wore it better? Spoiler, SHE did!

Baby Avery loved hanging out in and alongside Lake Michigan.

Sean was game to pose in a tunnel during his senior photo shoot.

Sean’s family joined him for the senior shoot.

Jacob was a natural in front of the camera for his senior shoot.

We took one last photo of Jacob at the end of his senior shoot and it was a winner.

Hazel and Matt dressed in both traditional Korean and modern outfits for their wedding.

Taylor cracks up as Avery reaches back over Marci to Gomma in this four generations shoot.

At the end of a long night of dancing, Matt and Hazel strike a funny pose.

Pyrotechnics spark the entrance of Christina and Ed at their reception, a year after their wedding.

Christina and Ed dressed back up in their wedding finery for their reception, a year after their wedding.

Who’s the cutest little Valentine?!

Zora gives Marci a masked kissie kiss as she holds a sleeping Avery.

Wait, Rex was here a second ago, just before Taylor started making the bed.

Taylor helped me snap this diptych featuring Michigan’s dippy weather.

When daddy came home from work, he stayed dressed in his airman’s uniform so I could snap some quick photos in my portable studio.

Papa Razzi: I am most proud of this series I did featuring Rex, Taylor and Avery as she slowly grew, grew, grew.