Here are some of my recent favorite reviews for my Michigan Wedding Photography:

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Missy 5.0 

We can’t say nearly enough about Rodney Curtis and his warm, relaxed FUN style!!!

From the moment we got in touch with him, he was professional and willing to go that extra mile to ease our jitters. We knew we’d have to spend eight hours with someone and we were nervous they’d be difficult to hang out with. Rodney was funny and so chill.

AND THEN WE GOT THE PHOTOS!!!! How did he get that shot? Where did he see that? OMG, that one’s brilliant (note: we said this for practically every one of the hundreds of photos we received.) They came in the mail less than two weeks after the wedding and, well, WOW!

Rachel 5.0 

Words can not express how thankful we are to have found Rodney for our wedding. My husband and I are not ones who are particularly fond of excessive posing or Pinterest ideas of the perfect photos. We are more about living in the moment and capturing memories. That is what Rodney is about.

Don’t get me wrong, he would have done any location we asked or tried anything we wanted and we did have our fair share of those typical shots. But his specialty is capturing those moments that have the most character. He is not going to give you a couple hundred photos heavily photo-shopped with each picture in 5 different filters (anyone with an Instagram account can do that these days). He gives you all 1000+ photos on CDs and full rights to copy, crop, and print where you please. Your pictures will tell a story and it will be hard as heck to narrow down your favorites because there are so many good ones to choose from. My friends and family absolutely love the photos and loved Rodney and we will cherish these for the rest of our lives.

Paula 5.0 

Rodney used to be newspaper photographer and worked in high demand situations. We didn’t want to take a risk with a “newbie” on our important day. We were so glad he was our photographer. He found so many candid moments that we didn’t even realize were happening around us during the hubbub of our day. He is very friendly, polite, professional and — believe it or not — funny too. We watched him work at our friend’s wedding last year and my fiance (now my husband) were lucky we could book him.

Ruth 5.0 

“Thank you for the amazing photos from our wedding in Detroit. They are so beautiful. We love how you caught the beauty and spirit of the day. We love to go through the photos and remember so many fantastic moments of the day. We are very grateful that you were part of it all!”