Physicians Hazel and Matt celebrated their fully-vaccinated wedding and invited me along to take pictures. I had a blast covering it and truly enjoyed spending time with their family and friends.

I also loved their wedding hashtag #mattgoeshazelnuts

The couple was game to pose for my fun portrait outside in the heat of the night as the Dream Cruise roared by.

Hazel’s bridesmaids gather around Hazel in her traditional gown.

A quick selfie in Hazel’s traditional gown.

Hazel’s traditional dress hangs with her more modern one.

After photos, Hazel jumps up and tries to retrieve her modern wedding dress.
(A helpful photographer reached it, after making sure he took a picture of her attempt.)

Hazel playfully struggles to ready her crown (as I playfully struggle to remember the word “tiara.”)

Hazel’s bridesmaids help crown her, err, tiara her.

Her bridesmaids are clinch to help cinch.

Matt twirls Hazel in her traditional wedding dress, then again in her more modern version.

A pre-pano, moments before the wedding up front and one during the ceremony from the back.

Hazel and bridesmaids during the ceremony.

Hazel pauses for a moment between wedding and reception.

The best man was simply hilarious and the best dancing doctor I’ve ever seen.

Let them eat cake!

Hazel leads a conga line.

The best man leads the partiers and sees how low can you go.

Fancy dancing

Hazel and Matt do The Cha Cha Slide.

Like I said, the couple was always game to pose for my dopey ideas.

Here’s a shout out to my stand-ins — or more accurately, stunt-doubles — who helped me get everything just right before the couple could waltz in for their closeup.