I am going through something that’s hard to explain, but I think you may be going through it too. My worldview is crumbling and it feels like everything is zigzaggy (unmoored? untethered? uneasy? out of sorts? akimbo?).

At the end of this past week, a group of Senators — with Chuck Schumer at the helm — said the government should disclose what it knows about UFOs. This is a bipartisan effort, with Republicans and Democrats working hand-in-hand. No, that’s NOT the part that’s shattering my worldview.

As I quoted in the picture above, Schumer said, “The American public has a right to learn about technologies of unknown origins, non-human intelligence, and unexplainable phenomena.”

I’ve been riveted by UFOs for some time now, especially after seeing one for myself. I even wrote about them here a little while back. They are called UAPs now, in the current parlance; Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. I guess calling them UFOs carried too much stigma, too much conspiracy, tinfoil hat weight.

But whatever they’re called, they are very real. They appear more and more frequently around pilots, under water, in space and in many different forms — spheres seem to be the new, hot fashion of the moment. A press release by the Senate Democrats went on to say:

“Additionally, the federal government shall have eminent domain over any and all recovered technologies of unknown origin and biological evidence of non-human intelligence that may be controlled by private persons or entities in the interests of the public good.” 

I don’t know what to say; I am honestly flabbergasted by what is occurring in Washington, D.C. and everywhere else. All the hubbub over UAPs is one thing. But now they’re referring to actually recovered technologies and craft(s). And with those come biological evidence of Non-Human Intelligences. Yeah, Non-Human Intelligences — and I’m not talking about whales, dolphins, chimpanzees or reality TV stars.

What I am going through — what we are all going through — is something philosopher Paul Tillich called Ontological Shock: when what you thought was reality isn’t, when you are forced to question your entire worldview. We’ve dealt with it in the past; the shock of Covid shutting down the world; cancer upending everything in your family; housing and financial crises shaking the planet; losing three journalism jobs in the space of one year … that sort of thing.

It actually feels really good to know that we’re not alone during these times.

“I am CONVINCED that we are at an inflection point on our knowledge of our place in the universe. And there is going to be much more disclosed very soon and we oughta prepare ourselves for this.”

— Retired Navy Admiral Tim Gallaudet

The Admiral is admirable in his assertion. It feels like we are preparing or are being prepared for this inflection point. Other high-level government, military and intelligence officials have also been coming forward to share that we aren’t alone in the universe or on this planet.

Congress is obviously taking this seriously and reportedly will be holding historic hearings, perhaps in both the House and Senate, in the coming weeks.

It sometimes boggles my mind that this isn’t the top news story around the world. But we all have other things going on, our lives to live, no time for Ontological Shocks of any magnitude whatsoever.

And to that very point, as I was swimming through the sea of all these seemingly bonkers statements by politicians, I needed to rush my mother to the ER.

We sat there in the waiting room for hours and I began sharing the news stories with her. She got more and more interested, reading the Senate press release, listening to the news coverage on our phones huddled over in the corner.

When we finally got her a room and she could lay back & close her eyes, I glanced over at her chart on the computer. The home screen popped up and I did a double take, then a triple take, then whipped out my phone and took a few photos.

Her patient portal seemed to include an actual portal where a cow was being abducted by a flying saucer. C’mon, get with the times; where are Schumer and the spheres?!



A high-level intelligence official, David Grusch, came out from the shadows last month and revealed, among many other things:

• There is possibly another physical dimension where these non-human intelligences exist; they’re not necessarily from other planets.

• There may be agreements or treaties between the U.S. government and non-human intelligences.

• There is an arms race/cold war between the U.S., Russia and China to figure these craft out and back-engineer them for our own gain.

• Also, my mother seems to be doing just fine right now, thank you very much.


Rodney Curtis is a recovering journalist and author of four books.

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