If Hollywood location scouts were looking for a town from yesteryear that exuded pure Americana, all they’d need to do was take a quick trip to the middle of Troy, Michigan. If you were unconscious, then woke up in the middle of the Troy Historic Village, you’d swear you’d just time traveled a couple hundred years into the past.

I was lucky enough to photograph several weddings at The Village. Here’s a smattering of my favorites.

“It’s like rai-ain, on your wedding day …” — Kelly and Colin tied the knot at The Troy Historic Village. The rain tried, but couldn’t dampen their obvious joy and love.

Colin plays the school fool in Troy pioneer William Poppleton’s one-room schoolhouse built in 1877.

Mothers of the groom and bride bring photo equipment into the Old Troy Church, built in 1837.

While the bride hugs her new father-in-law, the groom hugs his mother.

Hugs before the ceremony

Kelly reacts after Colin whispers something funny to her. What, we’ll never know.

Kelly gives Colin a stolen smooch in the Poppleton school house, stoically watched over by the father of our country.

Strolling through the beautiful grounds of the Village.

Kelly poses in the gazebo in the center of Troy Historic Village.

Uh-oh, a loud clap of thunder interrupts the ceremony!

The rain wasn’t so bad! The ceremony ends and the couple walk back down the grassy aisle. Electronics and rain, what could possibly go wrong?!

Storm clouds and subsequent rain ushered the rest of the day indoors.

Grandparents and parents gather for the small, intimate ceremony.

Ringing the historic church bell to signify their union in the Old Troy Church, built in 1837.

James and Taylor celebrate their sweet, simple ceremony.


From their website: “The Village includes 10 fully restored historic buildings from Troy and the region. The Village is open year-round Monday – Friday, 10am – 3pm and closed Saturdays and Sundays.” (except for weddings).