Combining family photography and baby photography

Here’s a quick answer to a question I get all the time. A query comes in from Google with the search baby photographers near me. Short answer, I love photographing babies and have been doing it for 30 years, even before my wife and I had babies to photograph of our own.

I also get the search query children photography and family photography near me. Family photography is fun and parents will tell you the same thing client Missy Fisher told me, “Rodney, I love how you capture moments we didn’t even know are happening.”

Finally, just to clarify, a Google search of best photographers near me always tends to find me, whether you’re in Troy, Birmingham, Rochester, Royal Oak, Dearborn or even Detroit and Ann Arbor. I’m a multiple award-winning veteran of both the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News and am happy to photograph whatever you need; corporate photography, baby photography, family photography, senior photography and my bread and butter, wedding photography.

Looking for fun candid moments during wedding photography at The Henry Ford

Photographing families is fun.

Part of my award-winning photojournalism career